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Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

Our Cleaning Recommendations:

We recommend using a soft, cotton based cloth dampened with warm water for regular cleaning of all finished surfaces. If this method is insufficient in resolving the issue, progress to a 1:50 mixture of fresh, mild hand dish washing solution and warm water mixture applied with soft cotton based cloth. Please remember to apply any water or water based solution sparingly on the cabinetry product and always dry immediately with another soft, clean cotton based cloth. Always test any product in an inconspicuous area first.

Products to Avoid:

Please avoid the following products and methods, as damage to our product may occur.

  • All harsh applicators such as sponges, scuffing pads, scouring pads, steel wool or any other non soft, cotton based clothes.

  • Harsh chemicals or detergents such as (but not limited to): harsh soaps, bathroom, toilet or sink cleaners, kitchen cleaners, dishwasher chemicals, oven cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, abrasive soaps or cleaning products and citrus based cleaner.

  • Bleach and ammonia or products containing bleach or ammonia.

  • Solvent or petroleum based cleaners such as (but not limited to): paint thinner, mineral spirits, nail polish remover and varsol.

  • Waxing or polishing products are not required or recommended.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Always clean spatters and spills immediately as prolonged exposure can cause irreversible damage or discoloration to your finished product.

  • When cleaning glass doors, always use an ammonia-free glass cleaner. Ensure the glass cleaner is applied to a clean, soft lint free cloth or paper towel and applied to the glass. Spraying directly on the glass surface could cause over-spray damage to the surrounding wooden components.

  • To avoid moisture damage, please keep moisture on finished areas to a minimum. If an area becomes wet, please dry it immediately with a soft, clean cotton based cloth.

  • To avoid heat damage, please keep all heat sources as far from finished products as possible. This includes all counter-top appliances that generate heat or steam.

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